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Social Welfare Courses

Social Welfare

Cousres Duration
Social Courses ---------
Social Courses:-

1. Worked on environmental issues, pollution control, ecological balance, population control aimed to make a perfect law abiding, healthy and educated society.

2. To advocate for the equality in social life, economy and political issues/ legal aids for the poor.

3. To provide basic education to children, women, farm labourers, neo-literates.

4. Reproductive and child health programmes.

5. To advocate, campaign, promotion of women and child rights.

6. Advocating human rights issues.

7. Health Care / Agriculture / Security Training among youth for self employment and skill development.

8. We generated awareness on environment, natural disaster, earthquake, flood etc.

9. Skill promotion activities for 500 persons.

10. Adult education center benefited to 3000 adults.