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Skill Development

Skill Development

Skill Development Educate Society
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Skill Development

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - Poor, Farmers and Landless Persons. From the very inception we stressed on development of women and child in terms of education, health, employment, training, rights mode etc. Firstly we identified the rural youths and volunteers for mobilizing the rural people and women in the active participation of rural development process.

We are pioneer in:-

(a) Educating people mostly below the poverty:- Line and also Children, Women's, and Aged people..

(b) We are running programs for educating poor kids in villages in a three districts:- Siwan/ Chapra and two centers at Patna.

(c) We are running total five centers to educate women.

(d) We are running three centers for educating old Aged people.

(e) We believe the only an educated society not literate- only can make a nation great.