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Disaster Management

Disaster Management Save Earth
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Disaster Management

DISASTER MANAGEMENT - Trust has worked out several projects in disaster management Specially After Nepal Earthquake the Trust has taken it as challenge. Trust organized several programs drill in various school / offices and villages about precaution taken during Earthquake. It also donated Rs. 31,000/- in C.M. relief fund for Help of earthquake affected Nepal. Trust also organised programs about earthquake and protection in Patna Doordarshan,Paras Hmri. Hospital,Radiant School Etc. The Trust also organised such program in various schools with modern equipments and Projector Demonstration, Mock Drill and this way the trust has made its own identity in this field.

1. We are the pioneer in:-

(a) Research in Natural Disaster Study & Management .

(b) In Making people Aware about Natural & Human Induced Disaster.

(c) In Educating People about what to do and not to do During Earth quake and flood.

(d) In Educating People about what to do, not to do during other Natural Disaster:-Like, Flood, Lightning (Thanka) Etc.

(e) In make people aware about how to minimise Human Induced Disaster- Like fire, accident, Train accident.

(f) Study about the changes going in womb of Earth espacialy in Himalaya and between Indian tactonic Plate and Eurasian Tactonic Plate. Himalaya is most new and still alive mountain range in world and still growing . It is very frazile mountain and unstable too.