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Executive Director's Message

Executive Director's Message

A senior Rtd. IPS officer work in various spheres also participated in J.P agitation in 1976. Believes in the theory - Control the population save the earth save the civilization.

Work for criminology and importance of forensic science.

Challenges of criminal justice system and role of technology in prevention and detection of crime.

A work for internal security especially naxalism (left wing extremist problems).

Well versed and worked for pollution and population control.

Related with various organizations working for natural disaster, earth quake and flood .

Activist of maintenance of ecological balance.

Work for a long time in Anti corruption department (vigilance department) of Govt. of Bihar as S.P / D.I.G. / I.G. Had investigated the famous flood relief scam of Bihar and Many.

Believes in the principle that it is not the gold but the man makes a nation great. Well discipline, well skilled work force can only makes a nation great.

Also have a strong believe that this massive increase of population will one day end this earth and civilization and the day is not much far.

Strongly admires that the control of this population explosion must be control – which was nearly 37 carore in 1947 has increased up to nearly 130 carore in just 70 years. Then if this pace will continue in coming next 70 years (by 2085) it will increase up to 500 carores. Then what will happen.

What our nation require is – a manageable population which should be skilled / disciplined / dedicated to India – to make clean India – Skilled India – Disciplined India – Pollution Free India and Great India. Then Only we can save our civilization and earth.

Control the population save the earth save the civilization.

“Nature is the Mother of all living being, Don't kill your Mother “

Rtd. IPS officer Mr. A.K Singh

(Executive Director)