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About Us

Welcome to Satya Sai Educational Trust

SSET [SATYA SAI EDUCATIONAL TRUST] is a non-profit voluntary organisation working for the cause of down trodden , suppressed people and general indian about how to save the our civilisation and how to protect our Earth..

We work without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed and gender etc. Aimed to promote awareness among people health/AIDS/ Cancer/, pollution, natural disaster including earthquake, population growth, awareness about cleanness, women empowerment, literacy specially among poors women, skill development among youth specially poor and downtrodden people weaker section OBC’s, SC/ST’s.

We at committed to the betterment or our students with a solid academic foundation our programs aims to providing undergraduates & post graduates with practical hand of exposure. We firmly believe that students should be equipped with necessary skills to achieve individual goals and touched the heights of success.

Help the Poor, Aged, Suffering People, Control the Population to Save the Earth and Save the Civilization – Help the Meritorious to Develop disciplined, Skilled, Work Force. To make clean India – Skilled India – Disciplined India – Pollution Free India and Great India.